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Avec Plaisir – we help you find your place in the sun!

Franska Hus – FH Propriétés was founded in year 2000. Our philosophy is to be of assistance when you wish to buy property in the Languedoc region, now baptised Occitanie, in France. We are specialised in the region of Montpellier, Béziers and Narbonne, a very genuine part of France.

In many countries, the French language is by tradition a difficult language and a barrier for many. The French people on the other hand are very proud of their language and are reluctant to speak any other language. This is more noticeable the further south you go in France

We are different from other real estate agencies in that we follow our clients throughout the entire process. In our company, we speak French, English, German and the Scandinavian languages, and we have understood that we can be of help to many people. We are Scandinavian and we live permanently in France. We understand the requirements and needs of non-French clients and at the same time we have an extensive knowledge of the French property market.

In addition to our own property catalogue we have chosen a working concept, which consists of a close cooperation with a few serious and professional local real estate agencies. This gives us the possibility to present a broader selection of houses and apartments in a great part of the region. This is of course free of charge for our clients.

We would like to assist you in finding your property without worries and inconveniences. We want to share our experiences with you and pave the way for many more to enjoy a comfortable life in a region full of history, culture, leisure, sun and swim, excellent wines, food and pleasant people.

Welcome to Occitanie and to Franska Hus – FH Propriétés!

Ewa Tapper 

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